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THE REAL DEAL. NO JOKE. My dentist told me to get my wisdom pulled because it would be cheaper pulling it in the long run versus continually filling it. I'm...
The entire staff is caring, professional and accommodating. I am so grateful for this.
Dr. Day is absolutely amazing at what he does. He executes even the simplest procedures with perfection.
Dr. Day extracted my impacted wisdom tooth a week ago, and it was the easiest extraction I’ve ever had. He got that tooth out in 60 seconds!
Healing has been great compared to horror stories I have heard from almost everyone else.
Our patients report nothing but the best care and more importantly the best outcomes.
I want to thank Dr. Day and his staff for an amazing office visit! I was a little nervous about going in, but Dr. Day soon put me at ease.
His staff is professional and caring. I'd do it again.
Highly recommended! The office was very clean and the staff made me feel welcome right away.
Dr. Day is especially careful, loving and diligent with myself and my family's oral surgical needs. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Day is incredibly skilled and attentive, and his staff provides exceptional service!
Dr. Day is in a word brilliant. I have been to many dentists in my 82 years.
Everyone is nice, professional, experienced... service was on time, painless and efficient...
I was nervous and they had one lady dedicated to holding my hand and ensuring I was comfortable.
Dr. Reed Day is an amazing doctor! Staff is super supportive and helpful. Danielle is so sweet. Kim is also one of the best!
Dr. Day was an incredible surgeon and everything went smoothly. Great work! :)
Dr. Day has a phenomenal bedside manner, he is so patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable about my TMJ issues that I have.
He is fast, kind and the kids are so comfortable with him. Perfect balance of great bedside manner and stellar skills.
Everyone from the front desk to the assistant to Dr. Reed were professional and very nice. No one like to go to the dentist, especially for oral surgery, but this experience was better than I could of ever hoped for. As someone who came from the dental field, I highly recommend Dr. Day and his Team for any of your Oral Surgery needs!
Dr. Day and his staff were absolutely lovely and extremely helpful. I went in last year to get all 4 wisdom teeth out.