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Dr Day and all the staff were very compassionate. My procedure was painless. I would recommend Dr Day to anyone that needs Dental Surgery!!
I had my wisdom teeth removed their previously and Dr. Day did a fantastic job, he was quick, efficient, and I recovered in no time.
Dr. Day is one of the most caring, honest, and knowledge Oral Surgeons i've ever meet. looks like i'll be seeing him again :)
I am so thankful for everyone here! Dr Day made a normally terrible experience a great one. Dr Day, you're the man!
Had the best experience with Dr. Day. My other son will definitely be coming here for his wisdom teeth taken out!
I ended up needing 4 surgeries — to save you self time, you can just skip to the 4th surgery so I can tell you why Dr. Day is a godsend. Is.
Dr. Day is amazing! Thank you for all you do for my friends and family!
The personal customer service helped put me at ease thru a difficult time! They always put me at ease.
I would highly recommend Dr. Day.
I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience with the staff and overall experience. Through each step of my procedure (before, during and after) the staff had been thorough, clear and most importantly kind, with a teeth situation that has been incredibly deflating leading up to my becoming a patient of Dr Day. I would highly recommend Dr Day and his staff to anyone with a case that needs special attention.
The Doctor and Staff are so wonderful. Very speedy. I highly recommend coming here
Dr. Day and his staff were very professional and at the same time made you feel welcomed. Thanks so much!
He was very thorough, and honest, from the get go. We think my TMJ and jaw issues could be a contributing factor and Dr. Day was w
Doctor Day was awesome! His staff was so nice. Highly recommend.
His staff is professional and caring. I'd do it again.
Not only was Dr. Day's bedside manner great, but he gave us very thorough and honest explanations. His staff is also wonderful.
Had a great visit and the staff was very professional! Highly recommend.
Amazing! Empathetic, understanding, proactive and so friendly, even though it was last minute.
Highly recommend!!!!!!
I am so Glad I found this doctor. He surely is one of the BEST I ever met. So professional. He has gantle hands. I healed from wisdom surgery so queekly...