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Dr. Day extracted my impacted wisdom tooth a week ago, and it was the easiest extraction I’ve ever had. He got that tooth out in 60 seconds!
Dr Day has been assertive in his diagnosis, tactful in his procedures and he is gifted with healing hands. My oral health has improved since he attended my needs. You will be blessed in his hands.
Now I am a new person with no pain, more energy and a new front tooth placed perfectly which no else would guarantee. Thank you all.
I was nervous and they had one lady dedicated to holding my hand and ensuring I was comfortable.
His office staff got me in right away and were very friendly. The day of surgery also went smoothly, Dr Day put me at ease... no pain.
Dr Day and his WHOLE team are real pro's. They have a customer first attitude with no BS. All the negative years of oral surgeons from past experiences as a...
Everyone is nice, professional, experienced... service was on time, painless and efficient...
Dr. Day and his staff were absolutely lovely and extremely helpful. I went in last year to get all 4 wisdom teeth out.
Dr. Day is amazing! Thank you for all you do for my friends and family!
Dr. Day and his office are incredibly accommodating and caring. They've gone the extra mile at every step in the process.
I have been seeing the results of surgical correction from Dr Day’s patients for the past 16 years and the results are consistently amazing.
The entire staff is caring, professional and accommodating. I am so grateful for this.
Highly recommended! The office was very clean and the staff made me feel welcome right away.
I recently had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Day and this doctor is AMAZING and everything from the consultation to the procedure and even the recovery went extremely smooth.
When it came to everything involved with my wisdom teeth and my future procedure, he answered all of my questions and made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure.
Dr. Day and his staff were excellent throughout my treatment, very professional and courteous. Would highly recommend. Thank you Dr. Day!
Dr. Day has a phenomenal bedside manner, he is so patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable about my TMJ issues that I have.
Dr. Day has a phenomenal bedside manner, he is so patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable about my TMJ issues that I have.
Exceptional caring quality care.
Dr. Day is in a word brilliant. I have been to many dentists in my 82 years.