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I worked with him on a personal level and professionally and loved his results. He is very experienced and confident surgeon.
He was very thorough, and honest, from the get go. We think my TMJ and jaw issues could be a contributing factor and Dr. Day was w
It's been such a short time since my double jaw joint replacement, and I can already work and talk and eat and sleep; the recovery time has been incredibly quick.
He and his staff were very kind and professional. Thank you, again!
I had a great experience with his staff. They made the whole process quick and easy. I highly recommend them.
Dr Day took amazing care of both of my kids. He's the best OS in the valley!
I am so thankful for everyone here! Dr Day made a normally terrible experience a great one. Dr Day, you're the man!
Dr. Day was on time. The assistant, Danielle was great. I was very nervous and she held my hand. I would recommend this office to my friends and family....
Doctor Day was awesome! His staff was so nice. Highly recommend.
Dr. Reed & his team are simply incredible! I had severe TMJ that was literally paralyzing during parts of the day. It was consuming my life! I could...
I have a super bad time when it comes to dental work. Panic attacks and fear every time. I went in today for an extraction and bone graft, and Dr Day gave......
We were very satisfied with Dr. Day and his staff, everyone was extremely helpful and caring. It was a pleasure doing business with everyone in his staff.
Dr. Day is one of the most caring, honest, and knowledge Oral Surgeons i've ever meet. looks like i'll be seeing him again :)
Had the best experience with Dr. Day. My other son will definitely be coming here for his wisdom teeth taken out!