Patient Education

Oral Pathology

Having received training in both medicine as well as dentistry, Dr. Day and Dr. Kim are ideal specialists to examine and diagnose any abnormalities involving your oral health such as:

  • Any changes in skin color
  • The presence of sores or lesions
  • Thickening of the tisues in or outside the mouth
  • Oral discomfort
  • Chronic sore or dry throat

Most often, these abnormalities do not seriously affect your health and may be easily treated.  However, in some cases, they may be indicative of more serious health issues such as oral cancer.  It is important that if you detect any changes in the appearance of your mouth or gum tissue that you have the area examined by Dr. Day or Dr. Kim. 

Oral pathology screenings normally take place during routine dental visits. The oral cavity will be inspected by our experienced and knowledgeable doctors or your general dentist, and x-rays or imaging may be needed for tumors or cysts within the hard tissues. A biopsy or additional testing may be recommended in order to more accurately diagnose the issue.

When examining your mouth for abnormalities, Dr. Day or Dr. Kim will inspect the soft tissues, observe the consistency of the tissues in your mouth, and check any lesions or bumps that you may have. To locate tumors or growths that are not obvious to a visual inspection, additional imaging or testing may be performed.